Your Montessori school has its own unique needs, which is why we create a customized approach based on your school's current needs.

Perhaps you need a new website or a redesign that looks great on all devices. Perhaps you need SEO to attract prospective parents.

Perhaps you need help with digital advertising on Facebook or Google. Whatever your school needs, we have the expertise to develop and implement the right strategy.


“Prior to working with WSI Connect we struggled with enrollment on all levels. WSI Connect has helped immensely, from implementing SEO, building an attractive and effective website, building our website, [...] and working with us collaboratively. We used to average 1 to 2 tours a month before working with WSI Connect, now we average 1 to 2 tours a week!”

—Anishka Nawagamuwa ,  Hill Point Montessori Administrator

About WSI Connect

"We have helped our Montessori clients with all their digital marketing efforts: website design, SEO strategy, social media and email marketing.

As a parent of a young child, I understand what parents look for in a quality school. I've personally experienced what methods work...and those that do not work.  This is why we're passionate about working with Montessori schools and helping them achieve success."

Luke Middendorf, Managing Director

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